July 9, 2007

Long Weekend

Well, after a long time I'm finally putting up a few new photos. The one and only reason for not putting anything up before was that there simply wasn't anything new to put up. For reasons like exam period etcetera etcetera etcetera. Anyway, here are a few shots of plants and things around at my parents' place; not great pictures, but that was hardly the aim. I just needed to kick back a bit and focus on something simple..

A break in the clouds..

The following two are a bit photoshopped, but I still like them -- especially the red and black one.

My personal favorite, a totally random photo of some reeds:

I've been contemplating moving the pictures to either Picasa or Flickr, but haven't yet made up my mind as to which one, so for the time being I'll stick to posting them here -- at least I'm not tempted to just upload the hundreds of not-so-nice ones along with the few I like..


Lenka said...

Pocuvaj chlape, rob nieco so svojim talentom! :) U mna mas za kazdu jednu 10 bodov z desiatich...

Anonymous said...

Hej, tak to je mazec fotka!!! (jako obloha za listy) Kromě toho, že (si myslím) to nemůže být JEN náhoda..
klobouk (přilbu) dolů, Arnoldo